Which smartphones are supported?

We try to make ALPHA functional on all current Android phones.
Generally ALPHA runs on all currently popular smartphones with Android 2.1 and higher.

Unlike many other apps in the same category ALPHA also supports Android 2.1, but we recommend you to install ALPHA on Android 2.2+.
With Android 2.1, some functions are disabled, such as “Listen in background” or “Connect Bluetooth headset”.

The best functionality (smoother animations etc.) is obtained with Android 3.0 and higher. The Internet connection should have at least Edge speed; in doubt, just turn off online TTS and install a good offline TTS engine (e. g. IVONA or SVOX; the native speech output can also be used).

If ALPHA cannot be installed on your phone, we will refund you the purchase cost when an update can’t technically fix that error.

Ask us for any questions: info@alpha-assistant.com.