Here you can find a detailed documentation of all commands that ALPHA understands.
Only functions are listed that search for facts and data and/or trigger certain functions.

  • What is / Who is …?
    Searches the web for the inquired object and provides the best possible conclusions.
    Even natural questions such as “Who was the first man on the moon?” are usually answered correctly. To distinguish people who have the same name, you can achieve desired results with additional information, such as “Who was the singer …”. (Powered by Wikipedia)
  • How old is …?
    Calculates the age of a person.
  • When was … born? / When died …?
    Shows the date of birth or death of a person.
  • Where is …?
    Determines the position of an object
  • How many provinces/states does … have?
    Tells how many administrative divisions a country has.
  • Height/Depth/Size of …?
    Gets physical properties of persons, objects and locations.
  • Show me images of …
    Searches for pictures.
  • What is the capital/population of …?
    Searches for city or country information, such as population or capitals.
  • How is the weather (in …)?
    Provides a simple weather forecast for next 5 days.
  • What is … in …?
    Translates in about 54 languages.
  • Who is the main character in …? / Who directed in …? /
    How long is the movie …?

    Determines information about movies and shows you these.
  • What’s my horoscope (for …)?
    Says to today’s horoscope for the corresponding zodiac.
    ALPHA asks for the zodiac sign, if none is known and given.
    Alternatively you can save your the zodiac sign by saying “My zodiac sign is …”.
  • What time is it (in …)?
    Shows the acutal time (for the corresponding location).
  • What is the distance between …/here and …?
    Calculates the distance between two locations and shows the approximate driving time.
  • Timer in 3 hours. / Set the timer to 8 o’clock.
    Sets the timer to the given time.
  • Wake me up at 8 o’clock.
    Sets the alarm for the desired time.
    For devices with Android below version 2.3, it may be necessary to install an additional alarm app (e. g. Circle Alarm).
  • New calendar event. / Remind me …
    Creates a new calendar event in your Google Calendar. For example:
    “Remind me on the 3rd June at 8 o’clock in the evening to get coffee.”
  • Appointments from Friday to Monday? / Calendar events till tomorrow at 9.30 pm.
    Lists all upcoming events; if set, filtered by an optional date or dates. Default time span is not more than three days, if no end date is specified.
    You can delete events by clicking on it.
  • Send an SMS/email/message (to …).
    Asks for the recipient and lets you to dictate a message. Punctuation marks are dictatable.
    After the message has been dictated (in noisy environments you’ll probably have to press the microphone icon), a message box, where a correction is possible, appears. Fully automated sending of SMS over voice is possible.
  • Call …
    Calls a contact. If necessary, you will be prompted to select the correct contact.
  • Set Bluetooth/Wifi/Sounds on/off.
    Sets system settings on or off.
  • Be quiet/loud.
    Alias for “Set sounds on/off.”.
  • Open …
    Opens an app or a website (see below).
  • Go to …
    Opens a website. Examples:
    “Go to Google.”, “Go to” etc.
  • Where am I?
    Locates and displays the current position on a map.
    (Tip: Turn on GPS for more accurate positioning.)
  • My …’s name is …
    Creates a new alias (= alternative name) for the given contact.
    Henceforth you’re able to use that alias when you intend calling this contact.
  • Who is my …?
    Shows the contact, that is subject to this alias.
  • Calculate / What results …
    Calculates mathematical terms, such as:
    “Calculate 3 times 3 plus pi.”,
    “Calculate 144 times tangent of pi?”, etc.
  • Search for / Are there … in my area or city?
    Lists navigable places.
  • Navigate to … (in my area or city)
    Returns either a list of navigable locations or navigates to the desired address.
    Examples: “Navigate to the nearest cafe in London.”, “Navigate to Cologne.”, “Navigate to Example Street 10, 12345 City.”
  • (Turn the) light on/off.
    Switches the flashlight on or off. (This function isn’t supported by a couple of devices.)
  • Good bye! / See ya! / …
    Closes ALPHA.

Of course there are also some more commands that ALPHA can understand. Enjoy the surprise! :-)